With well focused efforts underway by Bharat smart services  have big potential to enhance monitoring and  reduction of bills . Benefits for

When it comes to water theft, India loses billions of rupees due to unbilled consumption and illegal use of water. If you

Hyderabad to get 20KL of free piped water from jan 2021 BillsKCR New year gift The Hyderabad Water Authority began providing up

Measurement and self-monitoring of the energy consumption of household appliances. Knowing the energy consumption of appliances is always the first step to

Electricity prices have risen at a very constant rate over the past years and a higher rate increase is expected in the

Have you recently received your electric bill and are trying to understand what the energy charges are on your electric bill? If

Electricity rates are increasing, so understanding your energy bill is the first step in controlling your energy use and reducing costs. The

To always provide the energy required by energy consumers and maintain the reliability of the electrical grid, utility providers must know the

A standard electric meter is a clock-like device that records the amount of electricity you consume. When your home draws electricity from

Priyanka and Ramesh couple lives their two children in a 3 BHK apartment .Priyanka found that they very high amount to Electricity

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