At BharatSmartServices, we’re all about making life easier when it comes to managing meter reading and billing by utilities. We work with different utilities (Electricity, Water, and Gas), our AI-Powered App-based meter reading services make the meter reading process simple and accurate.

We filter every improper meter readings before bill generation.

We support every mode of meter reading:

If you want to
100% accurate billing & meter reading done within 3days
Accurate Meter Reading & Instant Bill Print
Self Meter Reading & Instant E-Bill Pay
Check Meter Reading
Bulk Photo Analysis

These services are being utilised by Utilities, System integrators, Meter reading & Billing agencies, Private townships/societies etc., 

Our technology services can be easily plugged into any of the existing meter reading/billing processes.

Proven credentials:

Our services are successfully being used in 10+ Utilities. In the month of March 2023,  we have crossed a milestone of 10+ million Meters reads per month.

Collaborate with us to fix your revenue leakages instantly.


BharatSmartServices can be customized to meet the specific needs of your industrial business by integrating with your existing energy management systems, providing tailored reporting and analytics, and offering personalized support and training for your staff.

BharatSmartServices provides detailed data and analytics on your business’s energy consumption, billing data, and audit report. This information can help you identify opportunities for energy savings, optimize your utility bills, and also track your progress towards sustainability goals.

Yes, BharatSmartServices provides comprehensive training and support to help your employees effectively use our platform and tools to optimize your business’s energy consumption and reduce your utility bills.

Yes, BharatSmartServices can integrate with your existing energy management system to provide seamless monitoring and reporting of your business’s energy usage and billing data.

BharatSmartServices provides detailed data and analytics on your business’s energy consumption and environmental impact. By identifying areas where you can reduce your energy usage and carbon footprint, you can take action to improve your sustainability performance and reduce your environmental impact.

Yes, BharatSmartServices can be used to monitor and bill multiple utility types, including electricity, water, and gas. Our AI-powered platform is designed to support a wide range of utility types and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you are managing a single utility or multiple utilities, our platform can provide accurate meter reading and billing services to help you save time and money.

Yes, we provide detailed analytics and reporting to help businesses understand their energy usage and billing data.

BharatSmartServices can provide real-time insights and analytics to help your business optimise energy consumption during peak demand periods. This can lead to reduced energy costs and improved energy efficiency.

The onboarding process for BharatSmartServices is quick and easy. Our team will work closely with your business to ensure seamless integration into your operations.

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