On what basis my electricity bill is generated

Have you recently received your electric bill and are trying to understand what the energy charges are on your electric bill? If the same happens, you are not alone, because the electricity bill is a very complex bill. If you come here to calculate the electricity bill, you can use the online electricity bill calculator in the article: Bharat self Meter Reading – For All States In India. If you’re trying to understand what it really means, exclude the charges (fixed charges and other charges) for the electricity you use.

Energy consumption is recorded in terms of kWh (kilowatt hours) or units by the electricity meter installed in your premises. One kilowatt hour is equivalent to running a 1 kilowatt (or 1000 watt) appliance for 1 hour. A person from your utility company (or Discom or Distribution Company) visits your facility on a selected frequency (in most states it is monthly, but in some states it is based on a bimonthly or quarterly option) and records the reading on your meter. This meter reading is deducted from the previous meter reading, with the units consumed during this period (or kWh consumed). Units consumed are applied to the slab-based rate structure to generate charges for energy or electricity.

 Estimated consumption is greater than your actual consumption: In this case, if your actual consumption is on the lower slab but the estimated consumption is on the upper slab, you will pay more per unit per unit. Even if you adjust the number of units on your subsequent bills, you may be paying more per unit when you actually have to pay less.

The estimated consumption will be less than your actual consumption: in this case, the differential units will accumulate and cause your consumption to go to a higher slab‌ and again you will have to pay more for the energy consumption of the unit.

Then the person who comes in for the meter reading can do their job at all times. If you are in a situation, be sure to check your amounts before making a payment (you can do this using our calculator).

Bharat self meter reading : how do they help?

In the era of improved information technology, we have the solution to the problem discussed above: bharat self meter reading . These are electronic meters, which are reconnected to the public network via the Internet. With these meters, no one needs to go home to take a meter reading, since smart meters send this information to the utility company. There are many places where projects for the implementation of smart meters are taking place and we hope that soon there will be similar meters in all parts of our country .

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