76 Ways To Save Electricity This Independence Day

We at Bharat Smart Services, constantly strive to work towards a sustainable tomorrow. In our endeavour to make India Energy Independent, we bring to you our AI-powered meter reading application and services, through which we can help you manage the way electricity is used, save electricty and cut back on your bills. Download Bharat Smart Services App today. The app will guide you at every step in tracking your meter reading and expected usage/bill for the month.

As India completes its 76 years of independence, BSS achieved a milestone of 10 million meter reads/month, which is being used by about 25K meter reading workforce across Utilities in India. 

Saving Electricity the Smart Way

Meter reading can act as an effective way to save electricity. You need not make any special arrangements to use the app, all you need to do is download the app. Once you do, click a picture of your meter reading and it’ll be automatically uploaded. The app will show you your estimated bill and also give insights to cut down your bills. 

The AI-powered app guides you to be alert about the use of electricity in your households, industries, and commercial buildings. Take measures to control consumption, and also educate family members and employees about the same. If you need some help with how to start saving, read on: 

Save Electricity
Tips for saving electricity in households
  • Be energy smart and not use appliances when not in use, and remember to unplug them.
  • Spend more time together with your family in a room to avoid using multiple lights and fans
  • Invest in 5-star-rating energy-efficient appliances
  • In summer, maintain a cool temperature inside, use curtains on windows and doors
  • A kitchen can be an energy-hungry place and so management is essential
  • Save water, save electricity. Increased use of water will increase the use of water motors as well
  • BSS AI-powered metre reader application can help you detect which appliance uses the most electricity so you can better manage it.
Tips for lowering electricity in commercial buildings
  • Educate your employees about electricity usage, and organise a workshop if required.
  • Encourage your use of stairways instead of lifts and elevator
  • Use power-efficient cooling and heating appliances and promote LED bulbs to save energy
  • Ensure proper shutdown of all the office equipment before leaving the office
  • If possible, you may switch to renewable sources like solar energy 
  • Promote greenery for a cooler environment in and around your building
  • Motion-sensitive lights can be a good investment when it comes to saving electricity
  • Power management settings shall be updated in computers and hardware
  • Ensure regular servicing of all the electric appliances so they work efficiently
  • Promote rainwater harvesting, as saving water can cut back water submersible usage. 
Tips for cutting down industrial electricity expenses
  • Use better exhaust systems, as they can help maintain humidity and temperature levels
  • Make use of energy-efficient appliances and try to focus more on LEDs than traditional lights
  • Regular maintenance of equipment and machinery is a must to ensure their energy-efficiency
  • Promote renewable energy like solar and wind energy
  • Watch out for air compressor leaks. Faults can lead to more use of electricity and pressure on the appliances
  • Switch-off machinery when not in use and avoid unnecessary lighting
  • Take the help of the AI-powered metre reader by BSS to know the usage of various appliances and machines
  • Reduce waste generation as it further pushed electricity use for waste management
  • Minimise overproduction as it will increase wastage, and it’s further management
  • You may promote common time for common places. It helps save on electricity which is rather in use for the whole time
  • Using the BSS App, you can proactively monitor your usage, PF…. and take corrective actions and avoid excess bills.

Be alert about the use of electricity in your households, industries, and commercial buildings. Take measures to control it, and also educate family members and employees about the same. 

Also, download Bharat Smart Services today. Through our AI-powered metre reader app, we strive to make energy-tracking simple and easy. The app helps you track energy usage and identifies areas where you can save. Join our family and make energy conservation a part of your daily routine.

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