Generate your electricity bill and avoid paying a Fortune

With many DISCOMs, Distribution Companies, suspending manual meter readings during the COVID-19 and not getting back in full swing post-pandemic, staying aware of your electricity usage has become important. Further, if you don’t receive regular electricity bill, then you could be hit with a high lump sum payment once the bill arrives later. At Bharat Smart Services, we understand the stress of unexpected utility bills. Thus, we developed an AI-powered app to make self-meter reading easy.

The Bharat Smart Services app empowers consumers to monitor their electricity meters from home. By tracking usage in real time and submitting regular readings, you can ensure accurate billing and avoid future bill shocks. This Independence Day, we have achieved the milestone of  10 million meter readings per month using our AI-powered Meter Reading Platform.

How Does Meter Reading Work?

Your electricity meter records cumulative consumption since its installation. Every month, the DISCOM reads the current reading and subtracts the previous reading to determine usage. Then, this difference in figures is used to generate your bill based on applicable tariff slabs.

While some areas have smart meters that transmit data digitally, most of India still relies on manual readings. This involves a DISCOM representative visiting homes each month. With such a large population and irregular visits of DISCOM representatives post-pandemic, taking readings yourself is the best way to avoid estimated or delayed billing.

Electricity bill tracked
Bharat Smart Services App makes it easy

Our AI-powered app allows you to track and submit your electricity meter readings digitally. In fact, it eliminates the need for physical visits or waiting for bill generation. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the BSS app and register yourself and add your meter details
  2. Go to the ‘Self’ option and click on ‘Self Billing’
  3. Now, click on the camera icon and capture a photo of your meter, when the required parameter is displayed. It will automatically capture the reading
  4. Next, click on ‘Submit Details’ to share the data with your DISCOM
  5. The app will keep a track of all your meter reads and also show you the expected charges and other insights.
Other ways to conserve with Bharat Smart Services

Our AI-powered app identifies specific areas where households can optimize consumption. We also recommend general practices to form good “electricity hygiene” habits:

  • Switch off all appliances when not in use
  • Use ventilation and daylight where possible to reduce the load on fans/lights
  • Wash full loads in appliances instead of several small ones
  • Invest in 5-star rated devices and LED bulbs for maximum efficiency
  • Monitor energy-intensive appliances like ACs/refrigerators closely
  • Download our app and get a free consultation to learn more about energy conservation.

Certainly, this simple process brings the convenience of digital metering without infrastructural changes. Users have praised the app for eliminating the headaches of manual readings. With constant tracking, you can proactively reduce usage to lower future bills. 

At Bharat Smart Services, enabling the efficient use of resources through technology is our goal. Download our AI-powered meter reader app today to effortlessly self-generate bills and illuminate your path to sustainable energy practices.

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