Don’t have smart meter? Do smart meter reading with BSS

To monitor your Electricity consumption, you need not have a smart meter! You can simply use the Bharat Smart Services App and make electricity management easier.

Electricity reaches even the most remote corners of the world, and it has undoubtedly made life easier and more comfortable. As a consumer, you have to make sure you pay electricity bills on time to continue availing the services. Usually, all the households and buildings have to pay the electricity bill every month. Currently, in India, there are both types of meters: smart meters and regular meters. 

The Government of India is striving to install smart meters everywhere so that meter reading & bill calcuation  process is automated and bill payment is switched to prepaid mode. However replacing regular meters with smart meters will take at-least few years. Levarging advanced technologies like Artificial Intillgence(AI), Optical Character Recognistion(OCR)  Bharat Smart Services empowering Utilities & Consumers with the BSS smartphone app. 

In this article, we will talk about the importance of the advanced technologies for smart meter reading of existing non smart meters and smart meters.

 Using the BSS app, consumers with regular meters can also avail the benefits.

Don’t have smart meter? Do smart meter reading with BSS

BSS’s role in meter reading

Bharat Smart Services mobile application offers a lot more than just meter reading. The various features and benefits are:

Real-time and accurate meter reading

BSS application ensures real-time meter reading. Not only does it help you track electricity usage to any date but the information is also accurate. 

Goodbye to meter reading manipulation

With the BSS application, you can check the meter reading. So, probably you won’t need a discom agent anymore.

Information about electricity leakages

BSS application lets you know if there is any misuse, overuse, or leakage of electricity in your home. This way, you can quickly take action against it. You can also know which appliance is using the highest electricity in order to ensure restricted use of power.

Ease of maintenance

The BSS application gives you the ease of maintaining the electricity meter since you do not rely on the discom agents anymore. Also, it becomes easier for you to check the usage and make the payment accordingly.

Smart meter reading is not dependent on smart meters: Thanks to BSS

Bharat Smart Services has launched its smartphone application, the BSS app. It was launched with the purpose of real-time and accurate meter readings, along with many other features. However, if you are confused that the BSS meter reading is only possible with a smart meter, you are mistaken.

As aforementioned, meter reading with BSS is not dependent on smart meters. Users of regular meters can quickly check their real-time meter readings with the BSS app. All you have to do is capture the reading of the meter and check the results on your screen within no time. Here is how you can get started with the BSS application:

  • Download the BSS mobile application from the Play Store
  • Complete the one-time login using the credentials
  • Capture the meter and upload the picture to
    • complete the bill generation
    •  get the proactive insights
      • Expected bill
      • Possible savings

What are smart meters?

Smart meters are the ones where the electricity bill is automatically calculated at the end of each month. The consumer receives the soft copy of the bill along with detailed bill calculations on the official website of the concerned discom (distribution company). Unlike regular meters, smart meters have ended the need fo r a meter reader to visit every premise, read meter & generate bill every month.

A smart meter gives real-time details of the energy consumption in the building and also sends the data regularly to the discom to ensure transparency. 

The future of smart meters in India

Smart meters are becoming the new future of India. This is primarily because of the various benefits of smart meters over regular ones. However, it must be noted that so far, there are maximum installation of regular meters in India. The government of India, along with the cooperation of discoms, are trying to install as many smart meters as it can. The government is also encouraging people to switch to smart meters.

Apart from these, the government of India has also introduced the SMNP (Smart Meters National Programme) to cover all buildings with smart meters. The program has a motive of replacing almost 250 million regular meters with smart meters. Many states have already started the work with great enthusiasm like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, etc. So, very soon the government may succeed and help create a better billing system.


Electricity reading is an important task, and ensuring correct reading is equally vital. Miscalculation or manipulation can lead to exploitation of your hard-earned money. Say goodbye to almost all the woes of electricity management with the BSS application.

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