HMWS&SB effectively utilizing the free water scheme to bring-in the discipline of accurate metering and meter reading for their consumers

When it comes to water theft, India loses billions of rupees due to unbilled consumption and illegal use of water. If you add unpaid bills to this loss, the losses for water utilities and municipalities are huge.

There are losses incurred as a result of actions beyond the control of the water supply system, including theft of water, failure to pay by customers, and errors in accounting and record keeping. Losses from water theft, also known as business losses, are difficult to estimate, but they add up to huge amounts.

The Hyderabad experience also showed that water thieves come from different segments: domestic users, commercial and industrial establishments. Most of the time, this theft occurs when water is drawn from the pipes, which also poses a risk to people’s lives in terms of contamination. A free water program will encourage people to regularly monitor their water

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