How Bharat meter reading platform is disrupting the way meter reading and billing is done in india

With well focused efforts underway by Bharat smart services  have big potential to enhance monitoring and  reduction of bills .

Benefits for consumers

Bharat smart  services  

  1. Consumers can be informed  historical data or locally (real-time data) on energy cost .
  2. Multi tariff functions can be added to allow demand response techniques and monitor on real time basis 
  3. Allowing the consumer to reduce costs by increasing energy consumption during off-peak cheaper tariff periods.
  4. Giving power to consumer to manage his consumption pattern 

The meter monitoring thru regularly scanning of  meter is an enabler and game changer  for energy management: empowering consumers to save and manage their energy consumption! 

Benefits for utilities

Bharat Smart scan   Metering allows to:

  • influence the energy consumption of their users
  •  Real time online validation and correction of meter readers data

In addition, utility companies will benefit from the following advantages:

  • a reduction in ‘costs to serve’
  • open gateways for the delivery of energy services
  • assistance in the development of liberalised energy markets
  • help for revenue protection
  • monitoring of the generation from building renewables
  • support in demand response techniques
  • more effective grid management
  • a new communication channel to customers.

A surging pool of data, collected properly and with respect to privacy, has the potential to lower cost by reducing detecting potential issues before they escalate. And there’s no question the tools enable users to take a more proactive role.

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