How To Track Electricity Usage And Save Bills?

Over the past few years, India has witnessed a gradual improvement in electricity usage and management. Did you know around 97% of the households in India have access to electricity? This has been a key player in upgrading the lifestyle of people. With time, homeowners are becoming more aware and looking for ways to monitor, report, and check their electricity consumption.

App-based digital self-services can be used to make the monitoring process more useful and very easy to manage. Apart from this, monitoring the usage of the energy meter installed at home on a regular basis can give you a lot of insights. It is quite simple to understand the display parameters and tariffs applicable in your state.  

You can also get help in understanding the electricity usage by different appliances in your home or your workplace. Let’s dig deeper into how to track electricity usage and save from overusing the same.

Electricity Usage

How To Track Electricity Usage?

In India, as of now, along with the traditional electricity meters, there has been the introduction of smart meters as well. You must keep in mind that these meters cannot regulate the electricity usage in a building but can monitor and help you track electricity usage. Thanks to the innovation of App-based services, which can be used on existing non-smart meters, which have allowed users to know their expected electricity bill on their premises.

In a broad view, you can check the energy consumption of your house in the following ways:

  • Electricity meters

The electricity meter of your house gives you direct insight into the energy consumption so far.

  • Mobile applications

If you are using appropriate Apps to read your meter yourself, you can view the consumption of electricity within a few clicks from your comfort zone. You can make use of apps and interface devices like IR/IRDA /Optical that can help you get detailed electricity usage of your building, no matter if you have a smart meter or the traditional one.

  • Contacting electricity department

In case you cannot check the energy meter or the mobile application of your monitor, your electricity usage, you can still know the energy consumption of your home. You can contact the electricity provider in your area and know the details.

Tips on How to Save Electricity Bills

Sometimes electricity bills can leave you puzzled and shocked and burn a big hole in your pocket. Undoubtedly, most of us want to reduce the electricity usage of our household. So, how is this possible?

Only when you figure out where and how the electricity is being used, would you be able to manage and control the usage. Here are a few tips to save electricity bills that may help you bring down the next electricity bill of your house:

  • Use technology to track the energy consumption

The first step is to monitor the electricity usage of your home. For this purpose, you need to install an energy meter that can be connected to your smartphone or tablet. It helps you in quick and easy tracking of the real-time use of the electricity in your home. There are various applications that also help you get a detailed report on appliances using the most energy.

  • Understanding the Tariff

Knowing the applicable tariff for your electricity connection, and understanding clearly about the slab-based incentives can be very helpful. In many states of India, as per different tariffs and slabs, by reducing just 1 unit in the month, you can save upto 100 to 1000+ units. So understanding the tariff, monitoring the usage and being in the lower slab is a low-hanging fruit for any customer.

  • Switch to better alternatives

As the world is moving towards more sustainable everyday solutions, it is easier to look out for alternative options for electricity appliances that consume less electricity. For instance, 5-star appliances, LED bulbs, and BLDC fans are expected to consume less energy. Above all, relying on solar energy can further reduce the use of electricity.

  • Be alert

Any device/App for tracking electricity usage can only help you in the detailed monitoring of electricity usage. The control of the usage, however, lies in your hands. So, it is essential to be careful when using energy. Here are some handy and low-cost tips that can significantly bring down your electricity bills:

  1. Use natural light instead of tube lights in the daytime. Not only does it manage the overall bills, but can also help lighten up your mood.
  2. Try shifting your consumption away from the peak hours of 10 AM to 8 PM. Avoid the use of washing machines, water pumps, geysers, etc., during these hours.
  3. Your AC is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to raising electricity bills and also causing summer power crises. Try to set the temperature at AC at 24° to 26°.
  4. During summers, keep your doors and windows shut, try putting some indoor plants in the house, and keep your roof insulated.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Be it television, mobile phones, the internet, or home appliances, just about everything depends on energy consumption. Hence, it is quintessential to use it in a responsible way and save it as much as you can. With an energy meter and energy monitor, you may be able to properly manage the consumption of electricity in your home. A few simple changes in your lifestyle can greatly help in conserving energy and cutting back on your electricity bills.

A little effort on your part can go a long way in securing the world’s future.

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