Electricity Bills: Debunking 5-Star Appliance Saving Myths

As temperatures soar across India during the summers, your electricity bills will see a rise. The scorching heat is accompanied by steep hikes in power tariffs that burden consumers with inflated bills. Bharat Smart Services is a leading energy management organization. We are dedicated to empowering homes and businesses to make smarter energy choices and lower electricity bills. Our recently launched AI-powered BSS app focuses on helping you monitor your electricity consumption. The app also provides insights to reduce electricity bills.

Electricity Bills: Debunking 5-Star Appliance Savings Myths
Rising Demand for Efficient Cooling

Searing summer heat waves combined with the rising dependency on air conditioners(ACs) have significantly driven up demand for electricity in recent years. With demand for electricity at its peak, utilities hike tariffs to deal with the increased load. As a result, consumers are left with higher power bills, causing serious strain on their budgets.

It comes as no surprise then that the market for energy-efficient appliances has witnessed a massive boom in recent years. Retail stores understand consumers’ need for appliances that don’t burn a hole in their pockets. So, the latest sales pitch by AC retailers focuses on highlighting ‘star-rated’ models. These allegedly help lower bills.

While energy efficiency is a step in the right direction, claims of drastic bill cuts should be taken with a pinch of salt. For example, a salesperson cites that a 5-star AC can reduce electricity costs by 15% over a 4-star model. However, the reality is that only the appliance’s energy consumption will decrease by 15%, which will be noticeable on the electricity bill. Moreover, energy-efficient ACs come at a significantly higher price. So, make sure to compare the total usage of the AC and the total amount you pay during the appliance purchase to understand if the deal is really profitable. Also, understand the difference between different ratings and choose the right one. 

Simple Habits for Big Savings

At Bharat Smart Services, we believe in small daily efforts. In addition to technological upgrades, we hold great potential for electricity conservation. Our recently launched AI-powered meter reading app helps customers become aware of electricity usage patterns and take charge. Combined with pruning wastage through some conscious habits, households can lower bills substantially without burning holes in their pockets.

One of the most impactful practices is switching off devices when not in use. Leaving devices on standby still draws power. Ventilation techniques like using exhaust fans during the rainy season can reduce humidity-based cooling needs. Batch-washing clothes and adjusting thermostat settings of appliances according to the climate are other simple steps.

Join us in Our Small Steps to a Big Future

With over 4 Lakh users already, Bharat Smart Services remains committed to empowering households across economic spectrums to make smart energy choices. Download the free app today and take a step towards an energy-efficient India. Watch this video to better understand how to monitor your meter

The app will not only give you an accurate meter reading but also help you manage your finances. All you need is a smartphone. Open the app, click a picture of your meter reading, and that’s it. You’ll soon get your estimated bill and also some insights into where you can cut back your electricity usage.

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