Uncover top electricity bill raisers among your appliances

Which appliances are adding to your electricity bill the most

Most of us do not pay much attention to the electricity bill till the time it is on the higher side. A bill too high can ring the alarm bell and create a frenzy. While rising bills can be frustrating, what is important is to understand what is causing this increase. In the last few years, we have seen the energy prices soaring. From the night light to the refrigerator, from the doorbell to the Wi-Fi, we depend on electrical appliances for just about everything. But did you know that these appliances could be the main reason behind the high bills? Let us uncover top electricity bill raisers among your appliances:

Rising DeAir Conditioner

Did you know your AC is responsible for up to 40% of your electricity bill? Running them all day and all night might make it easy to deal with the scorching summers, but it can make it too burdensome for your pocket. Old and unclean ACs can further add to the high bill.


Your big-screen TV surely keeps the whole family entertained, but did you know it is a contributor to your monthly bill? On account of being largely on the stand-by, the TV may be using up as much energy as that of a desktop computer in use. To add to it, the set-top box, wi-fi, Chromecast, etc., are all add-ons to your electricity consumption.


Though it is not very energy-hungry because it is constantly on, the refrigerator can use up a sizeable chunk of your total energy usage. While the consumption depends on the age and size of the fridge, the average can be around 30 to 40 kWh per month.

Washing Machine

Your laundry can take up a 10% share of your consumption. Washing clothes several times a day, washing individual or small loads, and longer cycles of washing are all contributing factors to your high energy bill.


Ironing out the wrinkles is a chore that many enjoy, but at the same time, constantly using this little heating device can consume a lot of energy. Choosing a low-power iron that comes with an in-built thermostat can allow you to control the usage.

Geysers and heaters

While geysers and heaters are typically used in the winter months, their consumption is significant. Using hot water for bathing, washing utensils and clothes can add up to make them suck up a lot of energy every month.

Kitchen Appliances

Imagining the kitchen without a microwave, food processor, toaster, etc., can be difficult. Using all these appliances on a daily basis makes cooking energy-intensive

Role Bharat Smart Service is play in saving energy

At Bharat Smart Services, we understand how important it is to save energy, which will not only lower your bills but also contribute to the environment and tread forward to a more sustainable future. 

Our AI-powered app is the one-stop, easy-to-use, and simple solution to start monitoring your daily usage and get proactive insights to save. saving what you can. An accurate meter reading ensures that you have a clear idea of the electricity usage of your home.

Wrap It Up

Just like everything around us, electricity also has become expensive. To add to that, our dependency on electric appliances has also increased tremendously. By reading your electricity meter, you can become more energy-efficient. Being a little more energy-conscious can also make you more alert in your choice of home appliances, too.

Using the BSS AI-powered meter reading app can let you know about your excess bill and low-hanging fruit for lowering your bill. The app allows you to do a self-appliance audit, too. The app helps you to track the consumption, understand the tariff you are falling in and also gives you insights into the expected bill. One can proactively identify the areas where there is scope to save.

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