How Will Meter Reading Help Reduce Your Energy Consumption?

Mentioning the importance of energy conservation would be needless since it has been a hot topic for over a decade. Energy consumption has spiked due to the increasing dependency of human lives on electricity, from home appliances to vehicles and so on. Also, every household has this common discontent regarding their uncontrolled energy usage and high electricity bills. Well, in some months, high electricity bills may be due to a pile of other factors, mostly the unrestricted use by the family members. 

So, how can you reduce the energy consumption in your home or building and do your bit in energy conservation? A meter reading tool might be the answer. It gives you a detailed report on the electricity usage of your building. It is an advanced technology built to help households, corporations, and businesses save energy conservation and reduce monthly electricity expenses.

Energy Consumption
Role Bharat Smart Service in energy saving

At Bharat Smart Services, we understand the vitality of electricity for ease of life, so we have come up with solutions to help you save electricity. Our mobile application is the one-stop, easy-to-use, and simple solution to a major problem: energy conservation. Let’s understand how we can be your partner in controlling the electricity usage of your building:

Accuracy in meter reading

A meter reading application like Bharat Smart Services (BSS) focuses on providing accurate and streamlined electricity meter readings. This is one of the reasons that makes it a reliable service for lakhs of users. The 100% accurate meter reading ensures you have an idea of the true electricity usage of your home.

Know your energy consumption

Bharat Smart Services specializes in offering detailed insight into your home’s electricity usage. This means you also know the electricity consumption and which appliance consumes the maximum energy.

Once you know your home’s power guzzlers or high-consuming appliances, you can concentrate on effectively reducing electricity usage. For instance, the water heater/geyser may utilize up to ₹18 electricity for one hour. If you know it consumes more electricity, you may turn off the system when not in use. Small efforts can help save a lot.

Get electricity usage insight on your own

Traditional meter owners have to wait for the meter providers to come and inform them about the electricity usage. Not only does it increase your dependency on them to know your usage, but it may also shock you with high bills for falling in higher tariff slabs. However, with the BSS app, you can immediately start at the end of the month. You can quickly check the details on the application within a few clicks and manage further electricity usage.

An application for all electricity meters

Bharat Smart Service benefits are not limited to only smart meters. Consumers having traditional meters can also benefit from the BSS application services. So, now is the right time to take a step ahead and act smart.

A step towards energy conservation

When you know how, where, and how much is the electricity consumption, you would be able to control its usage. Use the BSS App for free and do the needful actions to avoid wasteful energy consumption for reducing electricity bills and make energy conservation a habit for continuous benefit.

How to avail of Bharat Smart Service benefits?

Availing of services at your Bharat Smart Services is quite quick. Here are some of the easy steps that you need to follow to begin using our services:

  • Download the Bharat Smart Services mobile application (currently available for Android users)
  • Click on ‘Get Started’, and enter the verification code
  • Enter the required details, keep an old bill handy 
  • Allow ‘Camera Access’ and scan your electricity meter’s display
  • The dashboard will show you the electricity consumption details of your home/building, the expected charges, and some helpful insights to cut back on the bill. Watch this video to understand how to use the BSS app.
In Conclusion

The bigger goal of BSS and all of us as a society is to rebuild a rich environment. Energy conservation through limiting and controlling energy consumption is one major step in this direction. Simple day-to-day activity changes and awareness, like switching off appliances when not in use, can significantly contribute. 

Bharat Smart Services offers a helping hand in energy saving by providing a detailed insight into the electricity consumption of your building. So, let’s join hands for a sustainable future and a positive environment for us and our coming generations.

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